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Passionate About Helping the Community

Mission Statement (What we do):

To carry the gospel and God’s love in fellowship to improve the well-being of people.

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Vision Statement (Desired End-State): 

Developing believers, Strengthening families and Equipping leaders to see people saved, set free, healed, disciple, equipped, empowered and serving.

Purpose Statement (Reason): 

A church that has greater opportunities than greater challenges to discover a greater identity in Christ.


We envision a world where love prevails, where all people are accepted and not judged or rejected but rather encouraged to pursue a personal relationship with the Lord. We hope that you will join us in this effort. 


The NFCE Ministry Resource Center (The Hub) is open to the community. If you need some form of assistance with the struggles you face in life, in raising a family, or in finding suitable employment to maintain a decent lifestyle, we are here to help.

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